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Some effective ways to get rid of mosquitoes

The most annoying summer and fall are not only hot weather, but also harmful mosquitoes. Mosquitoes generally start in April, reaching the peak in July-August. When the coldest climate falls below 10 ° C, mosquitoes will stop breeding and remain dormant until they awake again in the spring of next year. Kongdy mosquito bracelet manufacturers for everyone's health, to share some of the methods to repel mosquito for everyone.
The first physical mosquito method:
Elimination of living environment of mosquitoes, and some poor living environment, around the dead water, the need for frequent spraying, which is not only difficult to mosquito control, but will therefore spend a lot of money. So you may wish to use some physical methods to eliminate mosquitoes. The solution: clean up the rubbish promptly, do not leave backwaters.
The second physical mosquito method: use soap and water to close the windows and doors, place a window in front of the window, add a little detergent mixed with water in the basin, and the next day there will be some dead mosquitoes in the basin. "Continued use every day This method, you can almost kill the mosquitoes without spraying insecticide. And mosquitoes will be less and less.So why soap water can eliminate mosquitoes? Because the detergent with alkaline, mosquitoes should not be grown in water with alkali , But there is spices in the washing powder water, and will let the mosquito mistakenly think that there is food put in the egg in which it has reached the effect of mosquito control.
The third physical mosquito method: garlic, vitamin B and two insect repellent magic, you have to try, this is garlic, (peanut) vitamin B.
The fourth physical mosquito repellent method: salt water, toothpaste If you are accidentally bitten by mosquitoes, do not hurry to use your hand. A little salt water or toothpaste, the figure in the affected area can quickly help you itch. This method for children is safe and easy, you want any drug on the human body have a certain number of harmful, not to mention children's tender skin. If your child is bitten by a mosquito, immediately apply it with saline to stop itching and have no side effects.
Because sometimes we do outdoor activities, these methods are not suitable for outdoor activities above. For outdoor we can also choose insect repellent stickers or repellent bracelet. Mosquito repellent or mosquito repellent bracelet can be worn, mosquito repellent bracelet contains pure natural plant essential oils, no effect on the human body can drive mosquitoes. Mosquito repellent bracelets are more and more people welcome.
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